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Up in the Air


Unidentified opportunity: The Common Sense airline.

American announced its charging $8 for blankets. $25 per suitcase. Oh, by the way, there’s no room in the overhead bin and shove your handbag into your suitcase.  What’s next? Swipe-before-you-wipe in flight restrooms?

In the age of Expedia, et al, we all expect airfare to fluctuate wildly.

Opportunity: For one of the airlines to quietly raise their fares a bit and stop all the nickel and diming. They could probably make as much (or more money) and win massive amounts of goodwill.

While you’re at it, add a “family” section for people with kids. I guarantee  you will become preferred by many passengers WITHOUT kids immediately.

Virgin? JetBlue? Hey, why not Sun Country?