Chicks Are The New Dicks

Presented this at Ignite Minneapolis last night. I felt rather underprepared but it made me realize: I really do want to write this book. What do you think?


2 responses to “Chicks Are The New Dicks

  1. Really well done, Julie.

    If they video’d your Ignite presentation (pretty common to do in most major markets), let me know. I’d like to have the complete story.

    And “absolutely”: This is a killer book.

    One last thing: You need to meet Michele Miller (The Soccer Mom Myth). She’s one of the sharpest, coolest marketers I know. And would totally resonate with your message.

    P.S. I could also see you and the killer design snarkiness of folks in Venice Beach rockin’ a card line of your “philosophies”.
    Oh, one last thing: If you take a moment to remove the “Hello World” and second test post from the bottom of your blog, you’ll get just a smidgen more Google Love.



    • Thanks Mark! I’m eagerly awaiting the vid, no signs yet. I will absolutely look up Michele. And for that matter, you!

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