What TV News & Advertising Have In Common

photo by swanksalot on Flickr

Pet Peeve About TV News: When bosses believe the American people are too stupid or too uninterested to focus on substance and therefore pander to sensationalism.

– Christine Amanpour

Agency people and clients suffer a similar disease. Somehow, we often think we are smarter than the consumer is. The dumbed-down experiences lead to more crap, clutter and shut-downs. Oh yes, and boring work.

Not everyone wants a brand to challenge them or frankly, even engage them. But no one wants a brand to insult their intelligence.


One response to “What TV News & Advertising Have In Common

  1. ok. here are some tough thoughts for you: seems that “agency people” generally suffer most because they are not immune to their own influence on culture. they believe in it as any other zealot within any other religion does. this makes them blind to its true pitfalls. these folks spend 10 hours a day in the office and another 4-5 later on at the bar for happy hour talking about branding. so, when exactly do they make time to actually participate in and or connect with any culture or people other than their own kind? this cycle is like a vampire feeding on itself. it’s toxic. it may also not be sustainable, though, time will tell. perhaps this is why focus groups and other such practices naturally dumb things down to the point of being ineffectual or even obstructionist to their goals of connecting with culture and people. when it’s all about tracking and mapping, selling and opportunism, what’s authentic or compelling about that? let’s face it: the vast majority of this kind of work is a reflection of the personalities who create it, as you’ve said in not so many words. here’s the toughest part: the ones who would do a better job, who have gifts really connecting with and understanding the thoughts and feelings that drive other people, have no interest because they’re busy living, rather than manipulating, life. garbage in, garbage out.

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