Up in the Air


Unidentified opportunity: The Common Sense airline.

American announced its charging $8 for blankets. $25 per suitcase. Oh, by the way, there’s no room in the overhead bin and shove your handbag into your suitcase.  What’s next? Swipe-before-you-wipe in flight restrooms?

In the age of Expedia, et al, we all expect airfare to fluctuate wildly.

Opportunity: For one of the airlines to quietly raise their fares a bit and stop all the nickel and diming. They could probably make as much (or more money) and win massive amounts of goodwill.

While you’re at it, add a “family” section for people with kids. I guarantee  you will become preferred by many passengers WITHOUT kids immediately.

Virgin? JetBlue? Hey, why not Sun Country?


2 responses to “Up in the Air

  1. Agreed, it’s terrible that they are nickel and diming. Rather than creating a great experience one people have forked over the dough, they keep charging them over and over. As if flying on an airplane can’t be frustrating enough already.

    Who wouldn’t pay $30 more a ticket to just receive a whole soda, a real snack, a blanket if you want it, and to bring a reasonable amount of luggage? And, brilliant idea for the family section. Makes the airliners look like they are family friendly while simultaneously saving those of us without kids. Love this post!

    • Amen sister. There are probably others who would gladly pay to be far, far away from people resolutely banging on their spreadsheets and their PPTs. Biz section, family section, party section.

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